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Wishes Do Come True!

My wish for evening sun in my blog on 1st May has come true!

I have even had to consider wearing sunglasses while sitting at reception in the early evening – just gorgeous and how it has made us all smile (with the exception of a couple of our clients who are keen gardeners!)

If you are following our blog I am sure that you will have noticed that next week is Spinal Awareness Week with the theme of “Checking future adults…today!  We hope to see lots of parents taking up our offer of free assessments for Under 7’s if booked next week and assessments for adults for just £50.  It is a great opportunity to have your spine and posture checked over, as well as seeing how your body is coping with today’s stressful world.  We have colouring pictures, a quiz and word searches all within the theme to keep the younger ones busy although with the current craze for adult colouring books anyone is welcome to partake!!  Chiropractic adjustments are a great way of helping lower stress levels, but if colouring helps that is great!

We will also be promoting next week the Crossroads Care Superhero Mile Challenge.

There are 2 further dates to start the 100-day challenge (June 1st and July 1st) and it is a great way to kick start your exercise regime in a fun way, while raising money for Crossroads at the same time.  Anyone can participate from tots to teens and from 20 something’s to centenarians.  We have the packs in the clinic or else go to their website, #carerswearcapes.

On Wednesday evening at 7pm Neil will give the talk entitled “Pain Hurts, Stress Kills”.  It demonstrates the relationship between pain and stress in a different way and we encourage all our clients to attend it if at all possible.  If you are interested in the clinic but have never been in please give us a call on 629444 to book a place as everyone is most welcome.

None of the above will detract from our main aim which is always to supply top quality chiropractic care to our clients – adjustments, traction and exercises all designed around each client’s individual clinical need.

Rosemary, Align 4 Life.

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