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Wellness Week Celebrations

Achieve The Best

Achieve The Best “You” Possible!

Are you proud of your excellent posture? Your spine is the suit of armour that protects your nervous system. Did you know that poor posture affects the functioning of your nervous system?

How can you be fully healthy with a poorly functioning nervous system?

You get your teeth and eyes checked so perhaps it’s worth getting your posture checked?

As part of our Wellness Week celebrations, we will be offering £180 assessment for just £50!

Which would you prefer – a meal out for 2 or a comprehensive spinal health check that can pinpoint any problems.  You will then have time to correct any issues BEFORE they affect your health.

Give us a call on 629444. Quote this blog or our Facebook advert. In order to qualify for this special offer, you must make your booking between 10 and 15th July.

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