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This week is the first “Normal” week for ages in this hectic Spring!  No bank holidays, no special promotions and no TT!  We will be open for assessments and adjustments as usual both Practice and Race weeks.  It is always a challenge juggling appointments for our clients but it is important that they try to keep to their regular appointment schedule if at all possible.  We love all the bank holidays but inevitably we are trying to fit 5 days of appointments into 4!

So this week we can be a little more relaxed and have time to pass on some education to our clients during their adjustments and traction set-ups. At Align 4 Life we talk about the three types of stress affecting health – physical, emotional and chemical. The physical and emotional are easy to understand but sometimes we overlook the chemical stress on our bodies.

You probably have a favourite laundry detergent and if it came with a list of ingredients it might require a chemical engineering degree to decipher. Often when the “whites are whiter than white” many people add more chemicals to their clothing by using a fabric softener. All these chemicals attach themselves to the clothes and linen and then rub on our skin.  It is easy to realise that preservatives in foods cause chemical stress but just as easy to forget that our washing products can do the same.

Better living through chemistry? We’re not convinced. We think better living comes from less chemistry. We will be reminding our clients to give some thought to the potential carcinogens, allergens and chemical stressors in their lives.


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