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Weekly News

Each week in the Clinic is different and we have come to expect the unexpected!  This week we have had some news that has made us all glad that we come to work here.  One of our very young clients was brought to us by her Mum as she was adopted and has had a very troubled first few years.  Mum was keen to see if chiropractic could help with her complex problems.

Before Chiropractic

Before Chiropractic

Well the transformation has been wonderful!  The two photos below show how her writing has improved dramatically  – it is as if she had been storing up everything that she was learning at school but was unable to fully express herself.  After 10 adjustments (over 3 ½ weeks) to remove interferences in her nervous system she is now making such progress.  We are all thrilled and look forward to her skipping into the clinic for her adjustments.

Not every week can bring such welcome news although we do all love seeing clients achieving their health and life goals with the help of chiropractic.

After 10 Adjustments

After 10 Adjustments

Next week is Race Week and we will be here as normal although our social media expert is on his hols!  Although we have lots to say, without his help we aren’t too good at posting it and so normal service will resume after TT!

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