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How Is The Smartphone Damaging Your Neck?

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Is your smartphone the best piece of kit you have ever owned?  Can you remember life without it? They have revolutionised our lives but one thing is certain—walking with your head down and staring at your phone may keep you up to date with your emails and social media – but it’s terrible for your spine!

Text neck, caused by looking downward at your wireless device, wreaks havoc on your spine and leads to poor posture, subluxation and even disc compression.

Why? When your 12-lb. head is tilted forward, it causes huge strain on your neck—just a 15-degree tilt causes its weight to double. To combat text neck, raise your device to eye level to allow for better support of your head.

If you or your family are hooked on your phones, consider scheduling an appointment with at the clinic to get your spine checked and to stop permanent damage before it starts.


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