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Special Offer For Spinal Awareness Week!





Special Offer For Spinal Awareness Week!

Next week is Spinal Awareness Week and along with about 600 other members of the United Chiropractic Association (UCA) we will be promoting the campaign “Checking Future Adults …Today!”

Humans are very mobile creatures and as Neil mentioned in his video yesterday, due to the everyday knocks and falls of childhood it is always good to get children’s spines checked to see if there is something going on that might affect their health.  Another more modern problem is that there have been recent cases of children presenting with repetitive strain injury caused by using game consoles and of young people displaying early signs of hunch back through over-use of mobile devices.  As a child is growing, if there is a problem their body will grow around that problem if it is allowed to continue.

To raise awareness of this growing problem we are offering free checks for under 7’s if they are booked next week and we will also carry out full assessments for all other ages of children and adults for £50, again if they are booked next week.

Click below for a PDF about Spinal Awareness Week:

Spinal awareness week copy

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