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Playing It Safe

Jersey Thermal Imaging

Jersey Thermal Imaging

At the clinic we always like to welcome other practitioners who share our vision of true wellness and drug free healthcare.  Sophie and Amy are both massage therapists working out of the clinic doing Sports Massage as well as Aromatherapy and Swedish massage.  In today’s stressed lives, having the opportunity to take some time out for a relaxing massage can be very beneficial for your nervous system and your health.  Some of their clients are also patients of Dr Thompson but many just come for a massage.

At the end of the week we welcome one of our less regular visitors – Hedi Green from Jersey Thermal Imaging.  Hedi visits the island every 3 months or so and runs her Thermal Imaging Clinic from Align 4 Life, this time on Saturday 1 July.  Thermal imaging is a very safe method of monitoring breast health with no harmful rays and no compression and whereas a monogram takes a picture at one moment in time, thermal imaging effectively monitors changes over time. Thermography can show early changes, long before any symptoms appear giving time to explore the options available.  Many of Hedi’s clients are women monitoring their breast health but she also does full body scans for men and women which are a great way of putting your mind to rest over any niggles that you are worrying about.  If you are interested and want to find out more please contact Hedi directly.

One of our other visitors is so regular that she is really part of the team!  Rose Thompson of Naturally Beautiful is on hand on Mondays. Wednesday and Thursdays to consult on any skin problems that our clients have.  Her Eminence organic skin care range is extensive and although it may take time, she usually finds something suitable for all skins.  Where clients have problem allergies she painstakingly works through eliminating problem ingredients until she finds a product that is suitable.  That is the joy of using products with 100% organic ingredients.

So while Neil is working away giving adjustments and helping our clients to have a healthy spine and a healthy body there is always something else going on – no wonder the days rush by for those of us who work here!


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