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Perks Of The Job!

Rosemary + baby

Rosemary + baby

As in every work place, some weeks at the clinic are better than others, but this last week has been quite special and makes us realise why we do what we do. We have had some lovely comments from our clients and that always gives us a boost!
We had a new client booked in for an assessment; she was in pain and quite nervous when she arrived. She required a full assessment including xrays and a Stress Response Evaluation, and when she came back for her report of findings she was quite apprehensive. She has now had her first adjustment and wrote these lovely comments for us:
“To say I was stressed about actually letting anyone touch my back is an understatement (which is why it took 40 years!) I am so relieved I took that first step as everything about Align 4 Life is so calm and reassuring. Everyone I’ve met is so helpful and kind. Neil explains everything clearly so actually there’s nothing to stress about now and I can look forward to getting back to full health. Thank you”.
I then had a call from a couple who both used to come for regular adjustments and have now moved to Wales. They wanted to order some more probiotics, which I sent. In the ensuing chat, they mentioned that they are keeping up with the exercises that Neil set for them, they have just celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and have been on a trip to France during which they cycled 400miles! How brilliant is that?
On top of that on Friday Neil did a review with a client who has completed his full course of care. We all knew that he was feeling a lot better but were thrilled when he mentioned that he has also recovered his clarity of thought, feels alert and no longer feels as if he just wants to go to sleep. His nervous system is now clearly working so much better!
One of the personal pleasures for me is the mum’s that we see bringing their little ones in to be checked. Sometimes they have adjustments themselves too and so if the babes get fretful while mum is having an adjustment I get the chance of a cuddle – definitely one of the perks of the job!
Next week will be busy as we will be preparing for our Wellness Week which is the week after (10-14 July). I will tell you more about that next week.


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