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The Align 4 Life Team

Dr Neil Thompson (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Dr. Neil Thompson

Dr. Neil Thompson (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Being a classic skeptic I would never have believed 15 years ago that many health conditions could be helped, and in many cases overcome, by improving nervous system function, diet, exercise, and right thinking. However, it was having the pleasure of witnessing miraculous changes in the lives of many of my clients that eventually convinced me this was true!

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Anton Bolton (Rehab Technician)

Anton Bolton, Rehab Technician

Anton Bolton

I joined the team here at Align 4 Life in October 2017. I had received chiropractic care previously when I had a back issue. But the care I was given for completely different from the care I have now received and seen here.

Before my treatment at Align 4 Life I had always thought that chiropractic was for the treatment of injuries and posture problems.

I now understand that have a healthy mind and nervous system are the primary essentials for long term healthy living.

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Gina Horan (Rehab Technician)

Gina Horan

Gina Horan

I am passionate about health, fitness and human anatomy and it was after listening to the spinal presentation given by Neil, that everything I have learned and studied over the years, started to really make sense and connect with chiropractic. I have always known how amazing and capable the human body is and learning the natural, holistic approach chiropractic has, I could finally see the foundations needed to attain true optimal health.

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Angela Leonard (Rehab Technician)

Angela Leonard, Rehab Technician

Angela Leonard

I started working at Align 4 Life in March 2017 and it was only when I joined the team and attended the Spine and Nervous System Presentation that I truly understood chiropractic and the benefits it can bring.

I feel working at Align 4 Life has changed my life and, receiving care myself, I feel healthier than I have been before. People associate chiropractic with neck and back pain, but it is so much more than that; it is how your body functions from the inside, a healthy spine = a healthy mind.

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Rosemary Laughton (Administrator)

Rosemary Laughton

Rosemary Laughton

I started working at Align 4 Life in September 2015 and it was only then that I was introduced to the benefits of chiropractic care. It all makes so much sense and I did not need persuading of the benefits that it provides.

Basically, I am an administrator and I enjoy doing all the admin jobs that most clinicians cannot abide! I am delighted to be able to put my skills to use to enable the others in the Align 4 Life Team to concentrate their energies on the care of our clients.

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Rose Thompson (Beauty Therapist)


Rose Thompson

My interest in beauty therapy started in Rhodesia as a child massaging my mother’s hands and developed into a desire to help others make the best of their skins and looks with skin care and make up.

Beauty Therapy, as a course, was not available in my home country; so my parents sent me to London to train at the Ray Cochrane Beauty Clinic. I loved it and passed with an honours diploma, encompassing skin care, facials, and body therapies. After my training I worked for Sylvia Taylor and then trained and worked for Revlon London.

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