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Meet Thamar Rooken-Smith

Meet Thamar Rooken-SmithCounsellor

I left sunny South Africa 3 months ago, to join the wonderful Align 4 Life team. What a privilege to have the opportunity to live and work on the beautiful Isle of Man. I am a proudly South African export though two of my four adult children and four grandchildren are still there, in the Cape where I was born and bred.

For the last 22 years I have had an incredible journey, drawing alongside various amazing persons for their seasons of healing. During the process I was as much helped and challenged to grow as much as my incredible clients. I was led to be more courageous as I witnessed others’ courage to change. I saw others learning to love and respect themselves and this continues to be a wonderfully humbling road to walk with them.

Starting out being a volunteer at a Crises Centre, I went on to study Applied Psychology at the University of South Africa. I did advanced Mediation training and ran a private practice as a registered counsellor in my hometown of Mossel Bay.

Loving others into a new wholeness became what I woke up for in the morning. I believe we all should be given a chance at dealing with our yesterdays, in order to be the best version of ourselves today and tomorrow. We can live lives filled with contentment and joy and increasing hope for the future, without anxiety.

The counseling I offer is designed around the clients’ individual needs, and meeting them where they are at, drawing on various different types of counselling skills, to bring a balance between Acceptance and Change therapy.

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