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Meet Sanchia Ferreira


Meet Sanchia FerreiraI am a Physiotherapist and BASI Pilates instructor who is passionate about Health, wellness, the human body and movement. As an active child I suffered from persistent knee pain. I went to a Physiotherapist who explained why I was experiencing this pain and advised me on what to do in order for my body to heal itself through healthy living, manual therapy, exercise and Pilates. She gave me the tools to improve my condition and my wellbeing. Since then I have wanted to improve and help others too as I believe Movement is Medicine. Movement changed my life and I want to show others how it can change theirs too.

Sanchia Ferreira Physiotherapy is affiliated and located within the Align 4 Life Wellness clinic. Our clients range from young upcoming athletes to business persons to the older generation looking to improve their injuries, health, fitness and overall well-being. I have a special interest in rehabilitation of extremities.

As a Physiotherapist and movement specialist, I am able to offer a holistic, contemporary, extensive and in-depth study of human movement. I can form functional and realistic goals, therefore creating a personalized programme and journey for each and every client.

I also offer private and group Pilates classes to help improve balance, core and generalized body strength, coordination and breathing. Through controlled and precise movement, coupled with breathing techniques, one can improve their strength and balance in a safe yet challenging manner. All classes are adapted for each person to reach their own specific goals and needs.

Physiotherapy education

I graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a BSc Physiotherapy (Hon). Since then I have headed the paediatric department at a Regional Hospital in Johannesburg, worked at numerous hospitals and clinics, worked at a step-down facility dealing with orthopaedic conditions post-surgery and opened a successful sports and rehabilitation practice in South Africa before relocating to the Isle of Man.

In 2017 I graduated as a BASI trained Pilates instructor. Since then I have loved spreading the gift to teaching interesting movement classes to anyone and everyone ranging from adolescents to older adults. Everyone is welcome.

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