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Meet Rosemary Laughton

Office Administrator

Rosemary Laughton

Rosemary Laughton

I started working at Align 4 Life in September 2015 and it was only then that I was introduced to the benefits of chiropractic care. It all makes so much sense and I did not need persuading of the benefits that it provides.

After graduating from Bristol University with an Honours Degree in Economics and Accountancy, I started my career in the investment department of a Merchant Bank in the City of London. However, I quickly discovered that I am neither a big company nor a big city girl.

With the birth of my two sons I had a few years break before returning to work in smaller companies, the longest spell being working for myself as a corporate uniform supplier. This was a business that I bought as a going concern and then sold on some 9 years later when my husband’s job moved to the Isle of Man. Since arriving on the island in 2007 I have worked for a shipping company.

Over the years I have become extremely interested in wellness and being tall myself posture has always been important. Also both my sons were international rowers and during the years supporting them, I became passionate about the importance of the total package – nutrition, core stability, flexibility and mental well-being on top of all their technique and strength training. They introduced me to Pilates which has become an important part of my life for the past 10 years. However, Chiropractic seems to be the missing link that I did not know about and is obviously fundamental to it all.

Basically, I am an administrator and I enjoy doing all the admin jobs that most clinicians cannot abide! I am delighted to be able to put my skills to use to enable the others in the Align 4 Life Team to concentrate their energies on the care of our clients.

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