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Meet Rose Thompson, CIDESCO, SAIBTh., Beauty Therapist


Rose Thompson

My interest in beauty therapy started in Rhodesia as a child massaging my mother’s hands and developed into a desire to help others make the best of their skins and looks with skin care and make up.

Beauty Therapy, as a course, was not available in my home country; so my parents sent me to London to train at the Ray Cochrane Beauty Clinic. I loved it and passed with an honours diploma, encompassing skin care, facials, and body therapies. After my training I worked for Sylvia Taylor and then trained and worked for Revlon London.

Back in Rhodesia, I became a traveling consultant launching, Dalene, a local brand of cosmetics, and later worked as a therapist for a pharmacy doing both facials and sales giving me wide experience of at least a half dozen cosmetic houses including Lancôme, Rubinstein and Innoxa. I attended the sales schools for each of them.

Skin Care Became My Priority

Marriage and a family launched me headlong into running a full time beauty salon, at home. Skin care became my priority and took me through many years with Avroy Shlain cosmetics both in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and then again when we went to Cape Town in South Africa.

To be closer to family brought us to the Isle of Man where Neil asked me to open my Naturally Beautiful salon in Align 4 Life promoting Eminence, organic skin care.

It certainly supports his holistic wellness clinic, living up to his maxim “Do not put anything on your skin which you would not put in your mouth!”

Completely Organic

For my part, I have found working with a completely organic brand both exciting and extremely demanding given the extent of the range – – to get my head around 40 odd moisturizers is no mean feat and I have been more than impressed at the results.

For clients a facial using Eminence products is an adventure of the senses, an exciting cocktail of textures and fragrances leading to sparkling skins and complete relaxation. I am delighted that through Naturally Beautiful I am able to support Neil in his holistic approach to wellness.

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