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Good Luck To The Parish Walkers!

Humphrey on a previous sunny Parish Walk

Humphrey on a previous sunny Parish Walk

Tomorrow is the Parish Walk and we would like to send good luck wishes to our clients that are taking part – we hope you achieve your goals! 85 miles is a long way for any body however fit they might be and of course mental strength is often the difference between success and disappointment.

At the clinic we can’t help with blisters although we can pass on the myriad of suggestions that we all hear; from rubbing your feet in white spirit, via two pairs of socks to wrapping your feet in gaffer tape!  Everyone has their own favourite tip and we hope they all work.

What we can help with at the Clinic is making sure that your nervous system is functioning well so that your body is working to its full potential.  Too late for this year’s walkers but maybe something for those who start thinking about next year as soon as they pass the finish line.  Your body is meant to the healthy and be able to adapt to the different conditions and challenges that we throw at it.  The spine is the suit of armour that protects the nervous system – the super highway via which your brain is in constant communication with the rest of your body.  If your posture is not good, some of those messages might not get through or may be distorted, thus causing your body to not work to its full potential.  That could be the difference between getting to Lonan and walking tired but happy down the Prom to the finish!

We will look forward to hearing how our clients have got on and seeing them for their adjustments next week, as their adjustment will help with their healing (including speeding up the repair of those inevitable blisters!).

Nutrition is also an important part of preparation for any event and on Wednesday evening Neil will be giving his Eat Well talk.  However, this talk is essential for healthy living and not just athletes and walkers – he looks at nutrition from the aspect of giving our genes what they need.  It throws up some surprises and we encourage all our clients to attend.


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