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Gina Talks Juicing!



Once again it has been a busy time in the clinic for Health Risk assessments. One of the best parts about my job is that I can spend quality time with a client discussing the ways in which they can make better lifestyle choices so that it will help enable them to achieve the results that they want. We look at 4 key areas. Nutrition, movement deficiencies, psycho-social influences and toxicities through medications, alcohol and tobacco etc. Breaking down these lifestyle factors into 4 key areas helps us to identify which lifestyle influences are holding a client back from achieving those results. It’s not all about the chiropractic adjustment. An individual also needs to look at how they eat, move and think in order for the body to heal and move towards true health and wellness.

One of the things we cover is the importance of juicing. Neil detailed last week just how important juicing is and the benefits of building it into our daily routines. I have been focussing lately on juicing for reducing inflammation and acidity in the body. Here is one I enjoyed earlier in the week. Kale, cucumber, carrot, Apple, kiwi and avocado! Give it a try! Don’t forget to blend in the kiwi and avocado though!








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