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Family Time

The Wilkinson family at Align 4 Life

The Wilkinson family at Align 4 Life

What a treat we had last week – 3 generations of the same family all in for their adjustments at the same time!  We are well used to friends meeting up in our reception and even trying to arrange their adjustment appointments to coincide, but to have such a family gathering was something special.

The clinic is open plan for a reason, not just to enable families to have a good catch up!  Neil has found over the years that clients make quicker progress with others around them.  It is good to know that there are others with similar problems and even better to know that they have been getting real benefits from their adjustments and traction.  Whilst traction is usually a maximum of 15 minutes it always passes more quickly in a dynamic and interesting environment.

Why do we set clients into traction? Well, Neil’s adjustments are the central core of the care we provide but sometimes, if the problems have been present for some considerable time, soft tissue may need re-modelling as that can hold back the improvements that adjustments are bringing. Everyone’s traction set-up is different and the Rehab Team have detailed notes enabling them to ensure that they can interpret Neil’s requirements exactly. However, it is also useful if Neil can keep an eye out all the time, just in case someone isn’t reacting as he would have expected. Another benefit of the open plan set-up!


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