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Exercise is great....but can plants improve your health?

Exercise is great....but can plants improve your health?

Exercise is great….but can plants improve your health?

What a glorious couple of hours I spent yesterday walking up on the Marine Drive.

Being out in nature is always good for lowering stress and it was brilliant exercise with lots of free vitamin D.  It was great to see so many others up there too walking, cycling, jogging and doing a fair amount of chatting too.

At the clinic, we are always telling our clients about the importance of exercise when trying to lower stress levels and we are so lucky here on the Isle of Man to have the opportunity for free exercise in such beautiful surroundings.  Gym membership works for some and helps with the discipline of regular exercise but for me you can’t beat walking out in our beautiful Manx countryside!

It also got me thinking – can plants improve your health?

While eating a plant-based diet may reap health dividends it’s also thought that surrounding oneself with plants may improve health. No need to turn your home into the Amazon rainforest. Positioning plants throughout your home or office, however, may help improve health in small, yet significant ways.

So how can a humble houseplant help improve health? Plants improve air quality by removing toxins in the air and adding oxygen. Some plants are also considered to be effective in absorbing electromagnetic radiation from computers. If you are looking to subtract stress from your environment, plants may help provide a soothing, calmer atmosphere and boost mood too.

Just as plants may contribute to a healthier environment, regular chiropractic checkups help your nervous system to keep your body healthy.

Rosemary, Align 4 Life


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