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Don't Forget To Laugh!

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Wellness week is over and we have had an excellent response to our £50 special offer assessments.  We hope that those who have booked those assessments in the coming weeks find them beneficial and move them towards action to improve their health.

We have also had a good few laughs with our existing clients who have been in trying taster juices and we hope this has kick started a few back into the wellness way of life.  Many have been surprised at how good our 2/3 veg 1/3 fruit juices have tasted.

A good laugh is always beneficial, particularly if bad weather, pain or a hard time in life is getting you down. While it may seem silly, laughter can help you find your sunny spirit again. Having a good attitude can help lighten your mood and remind you to smile in tough times. Research studies have shown that laughter can help increase blood flow, improve your immune system, lower your blood sugar levels, help you relax and feel better overall.


  • Don’t let the little things get you down, look for humour in life’s serious moments.
  • Spend more time with positive, humorous people (or kids) that make you smile.
  • Visit a comedy club or put on a funny movie. Let it crack you up!
  • Find joy in the little things in life and let yourself be the healthiest, happiest you.

Next week it is back to normal with no juices or healthy nibbles to try but Neil will be giving his Move Well Talk on Wednesday.  Exercise is essential for health and so if you need a bit of a kick start please give us a call on 01624 629444  to book a place.  We will look forward to seeing you.


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