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Can You Guess what the first ever Chiropractic adjustment was for

We had a great week in the clinic last week as we celebrated the 122nd birthday of chiropractic! And you may be surprised to learn that the first ever chiropractic adjustment was to help with a hearing problem and not for back pain!


In 1895 Dr DD Palmer, a Canadian-born teacher and healer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on Mr Harvey Lillard. Mr Lillard had been suffering from hearing problems for over 17 years following a fall down a flight of stairs and Dr Palmer, who was studying the cause and effect of disease at that time, asked could he examine his spine. Dr Palmer discovered a malfunction in his spine and suspected it may be related to his hearing problem. After several adjustments much of Mr Lillard’s hearing was restored and the largest drug free health discipline in the world today was launched.


During the chiropractic birthday week we have been spreading the word that chiropractic is about so much more than back pain. It can help to improve immune system function, digestive issues, colic and reflux in babies and much much more. It is a healthcare lifestyle incorporating good nutrition, regular exercise and a positive mindset, all of which support chiropractic care and contribute to a healthy mind and body.


To find out about how chiropractic could help you, book onto one of our FREE Monday evening Spine and Nervous System Presentations, 7pm at the clinic.



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