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Attention all Dads!

Attention all Dads, we hope you enjoyed Father’s Day!

You’re a leader. You’re a hero. You might be a brother as well as a father and friend.

Everyone needs you around for a long time. So pay attention and set yourself up for a long and healthy life!

Take care of your heart.

Cardiovascular health is crucial. Prioritize your cardio exercise, eat your fibre and your greens and pass on the salt and sugar so your heart can be as strong as possible.

Dr Neil Thompson with his daughters on Father's Day

Dr Neil Thompson with his daughters on Father’s Day

Pay attention to prostate health. 

Prostate cancer is all too common, so get your zinc, vitamin C and skip the fatty foods. And, remember if you have any symptoms go and be checked out – do not put it off because you are “too busy”!

Maintain a sturdy spine. 

Long workdays, piggyback rides, heavy lifting and life in general are hard on the body but good for the soul. So, why not give us a call and schedule a check-up for your spine. Your spine is the suit of armour that protects your nervous system so it is important to keep it in good condition.

Cheers to a healthy and inspired life!


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