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Rehab Assistant - Using BrainTap sound and light technology to activate your brain's peak potential


A personal view from Sophie – Rehab Assistant

I always enjoy setting clients up in the BrainTap units and we have had quite a few using them this week following their adjustments. BrainTap uses sound and light technology through specialised headphones and glasses to take the body into a state of deep relaxation which is optimum for healing, focus and accelerated learning.

In the highly stressful and fast-paced world that we now live in it is more important than ever to be able to switch off and get out of the fight-or flight mode and into deep relaxation so that our bodies are able to heal and de-stress.

In just one 20 minute session it can be the equivalent of having 4 hours sleep and so for those who struggle to get sufficient sleep it can be invaluable in enabling the body and mind to completely relax.

I asked a few of the clients today what benefits they have felt from using the BrainTap and here’s what two of them said:

‘’I have been enjoying BrainTap treatment for the past 18 months. Every week I sit in a darkened quiet room and learn to relax my nerves. As an old person living with a spouse suffering from Dementia I notice how much more patient and tolerant I am in moments of stress. Last year I was hospitalized with a serious infection and I found myself calm and passive – I attribute all of this significant improvement to my nervous system and my BrainTap treatment at Align 4 Life.”

‘’ I find BrainTap a great benefit to me. It relieves my stress and when I start feeling stressed I think back to what I was instructed to do in such a situation. It works wonders for me. I really miss my session if I am unable to attend.”


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