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The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

As it’s Bank Holiday Monday, the clinic will be closed but we will open again on Tuesday with a packed week ahead.  With all the uncertainties of race week many of our regular clients are making sure that they get their adjustments this coming week, just in case they have difficulties getting around during race week.  However, we will be open as usual during race week.

We anticipate seeing the occasional bike parked outside the clinic as we do have several clients who are either leisure or regular riders of bikes (and even retired racers!).  Among other conditions that we help them with, sciatica is a common one. As the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in our bodies, it’s no wonder that so many people find themselves dealing with this pain at some point in their lives.

While many reach for pills to manage this dull-to-sharp pain that can radiate from the legs, buttocks, and back, it is something that chiropractic’s natural methods can help.

While you may think that moving causes more pain, the discomfort caused by sciatica actually worsens with prolonged sitting or standing in a fixed position. So for those bikers amongst us who are planning a long road trip, please do take regular breaks to stretch and walk around. Also if you have found a great sheltered spot from which to watch the racing, make sure you do get up and move around regularly to prevent that sciatica getting worse. Taking a brief 15-minute walk can bring relief to your sciatic nerve. Other natural methods for relieving pain brought on by sciatica include ice packs, moist heat packs and massage.

If you know someone suffering with sciatica why not suggest that they come to our free Spine and Nervous System Presentation on Tuesday at 7pm.  We normally hold it on Monday evenings but it will be Tuesday next week due to the bank holiday.  Neil gives an excellent foundation of knowledge about chiropractic and it could just be life changing!  Please give us a call on 629444 to book a place.


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