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Isle of Man Sports Therapist: Kirry Joughin

Sport Therapy Education

Isle of Man Sports Therapist, Kirry Joughin

Kirry Joughin

If you asked most people how they spent their youth, it would probably be split between hobbies, family and friends. However, I’d have to say in a swimming pool day and night, with a constant battle of wet hair in the morning rushing from swim training to school. I represented the Isle of Man to national level in swimming which was unfortunately cut short upon suffering a leg fracture. I always had a great interest in functionality and healing of the body so a vocation was not hard for me to choose. I initially qualified with a BSc (hons) Sports Therapy degree from the University of Central Lancashire in 2008. This provided me with a great understanding of the musculoskeletal aspect of the body, and how to provide specific injury rehabilitation for each individual according to their sporting requirements.

Post-graduation I decided that Manchester would be a great base to practice due to the presence of an extensive number of sporting clubs and events. I worked with Premiership Football team academies, Premiership Rugby Union players including some international players, as well as other Sports Injury and Physiotherapy clinics in Greater Manchester.

Joining Align 4 Life team

It was after this experience that I decided to return to the Isle of Man and provide the sporting population with a sports injury service which I thought was missing and in need on the island. So, in spring 2009, Performance Sports Therapy was born! By providing the specific treatment and rehabilitation each person needed to perform at their highest level within their sport, I found that many clients whom had not received much success from other practitioners were now advancing well. This same approach to health care I found was also paramount at Align 4 Life, whereby Neil has brought a more forwards moving approach to what we all associate with “Chiropractic” and “health care”, hence my desire to join them.I have been very active in the sporting population providing massage at the Parish Walk, Athletics festival and End 2 End events. Within football, I have proudly supported Douglas Royals Women’s FC for 3 seasons and was also Head of the Medical Department at the Isle of Man FA for 2 seasons. I traveled with the IOM Women’s National team to fixtures against Manchester City and traveled to the Island Games in the Isle of Wight in 2011 as the team’s head therapist. The ladies became the first British team to ever make a football final, winning silver. Also in 2011, I traveled with the IOM Men’s Cricket team to their ICC division 2 tournament in Belgium.

However, if you are driving past Port-E-Chee on a Saturday afternoon and hear someone shouting “SCRUM!” then I can probably raise my hand. As club therapist to Douglas Rugby, not only do I get to watch my favorite sport every Saturday from the pitch-side, I get to enjoy working behind the scenes keeping players fit, mopping up blood, and strapping various limbs back together! Having a shared passion with Neil for rugby, I’m sure there will be lots of heated debates come World Cup time, but rest assured I shall correct him in that Wales are the best rugby nation!I am honored to work alongside Dr Neil Thompson at Align 4 Life having witnessed great results and having heard lots of praise for his holistic approach to Chiropractic and wellness care, especially regarding his policy of getting to know patients “inside-out”. I look forward to seeing you in for your Chiropractic care and Sports Injury and Massage sessions soon! Give Align 4 Life a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.